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Welcome to Phantasy Star Nova

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we are currently down for maintenance we should be back by 16/08/14

Phantasy Star Nova, previously known as blueburstserv has now come back with vengeance!!

We provide the most legit experience of all pso bb servers, we do not sell items that makes people pay to win.

Instead items you earn are really actually rare, we do however still sell items in the game but instead of allowing %'s we will never make items with %'s so people can have their favourite weapon without making them use it as their OVERKILL weapon of choice!

Reasons to join us:

  • Fast Dedicated Servers
  • No ??? Item Curruption (we fixed this first as it was needed to run a successful server)
  • Best Anti Cheat Deployment (Run by a hacker)
  • Only Run By One Person (Stops conflicts that many servers have)
  • Does Not Need Any Money To Run (I Run My Server At My Own Cost)
  • Experts In The PSO:BB Engine Itself (Other People Pay For Issues Being Fixed)

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